LEARNING ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION SYSTEMATICALLY A Resource Book For Student Teachers and Teachers of English

Prof. Suwarsih Madya, M.A., Ph.D.
This mimeograph has been written as the writer’s first attempt to help improve the teaching of English pronunciation to the student teachers of EFL in IKIP (Institute Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan or the Institute for Teacher Education and Educational Science) Yogyakarta. To make learning more systematic and thus more efficient, theory and practice are to some extent integrated in constructing and developing the material. The theory is intended to help the student teachers develop a basic understanding of the English sound system. Such an understanding will hopefully help them in developing and improving their pronunciation skill along the process of learning to use English for communication purposes at the English Department and in their future teaching profession. This seems to be specially justified in relation to the fact that Pronunciation as a subject is offered in one semester only (at least at the English Education Department of IKIP Yogyakarta). In this one semester course the students are also provided with learning experiences consisting of practice exercises in producing isolated sounds in words and uttering phrases and sentences, designed to help them acquire a reasonably accurate speech flow. Some phonetic transcription exercises are also provided to help them familiarize themselves with using the dictionary in terms of pronunciation and in developing their attitudes towards self-directed learning. The writer believes that the quality of this book can only be ensured through a kind of experimentation. It is therefore expected that those using this book are willing to make some notes about things which should be improved through revision or modification. These notes will be quite helpful for the writer in her efforts to improve the quality of this book based on empirical evidence.